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ENG 2306-001 Joya Mannan Demo #1340 - Donell Callender


Joya Mannan





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English 2306-001: Introduction to Drama

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The course is called "Call Me Bill: Shakespeare Adaptation and Appropriation in Film and Media Studies." My students have a researched argument due on November 17. They will get to write about a Shakespeare film adaptation, so films can range from Forbidden Planet to The Lion King, to adaptations in other languages such as Ran (Japanese) and Maqbool (Hindi), to straight adaptations of the plays like the 1929 The Taming of the Shrew adaptation, to Olivier or Branagh's Hamlet adaptations. Tons of directions this project might go! Students will need to have outside resources/scholarly secondary sources to support their arguments, so I want them to learn how to use the databases. Specifically, I'd appreciate some focus on databases that can help students to find sources on films, film studies, and maybe even reception studies (focused on film, obviously) since this is somewhat new to students (as far as scholarly/academic papers + film are concerned). Also, I'd appreciate you going over the OED and how that might be useful in researching for a Shakespeare paper (I briefly covered it when I looked up the word "Doctor" as it's used in The Merchant of Venice, but deliberate instruction during a library database instruction might help it stick). Once someone e-mails me back, I'd be happy to provide you with my syllabus and the prompt for the paper. Thank you so much!

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12:00 PM

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12:50 PM


A note on how I'm looking at Shakespeare with regards to this course: The fun thing about teaching this class is balancing the obvious literature that is Shakespeare with what's the unmistakable evolution of the Shakespeare canon as a result of historical and technological movements. I've found film has been a fresh way to engage students, hence the focus of this class. But first and foremost, this class is definitely about the literature...but that also includes how we as a society are engaging with Shakespeare now! And that involves how Shakespeare was used as a vehicle for English during the rise of the British Empire, for instance. I'm taking a very cultural approach to Shakespeare. And by culture, I refer to our culture (Lubbock, Texas, TTU, the "West," the English-speaking world, the digital era, 2017, etc.) as well as other cultures around the world, given Shakespeare's global influence. :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017
12:00pm - 12:50pm
Lab 150
University Library

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Denise Caspell

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