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Food and Tourism: With Anthony Bourdain What You See is Never What you'll Get

Sponsored by the Humanities Center

Roger Porter will speak about travelers' anticipations of food as gateway experience of other cultures.  "Food and Tourism: With Anthony Bourdain -What You See is Never What You'll Get" invites us to think about how we imagine ourselves in relation to the expectations created by a popular CNN travel program.  Bourdain's culinary travel shows whet our appetites, but, like pornography, they traffic in vicarious thrills, seducing by making us imagine what we can never experience.  Bourdain's appealing displays--of self, place and edibles--raise important questions about how to understand what is authentic versus what is carefully crafted showmanship.  Is he a gastronomic man of the people or the consummate insider? And what does food--or appetite--really mean to him?

Thursday, March 1, 2018
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Croslin Room South
University Library

Event Organizer

Len Markham

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