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Predatory Publishing Workshop B - Distance Users - Brian Quinn

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Predatory Publishing: What It Is and What
You Can Do to Protect Your Academic Reputation

With the rise of open access publishing, some publishers now charge author fees as a way to finance the cost of publishing articles without having to charge subscription fees.  However, some publishers have begun to take advantage of the “author pays” model and require payment from authors without providing adequate editorial services.  The result is that articles are often solicited and accepted for publication in new journals without the customary peer review and editing that is characteristic of established journals.  These predatory journals often have scientific names and list prominent academics on their editorial boards without their permission, making them difficult to distinguish from legitimate journals and publishers.  The presenters will analyze the characteristics of predatory journals and outline strategies that scholars can take to identify them and ensure that their research is only submitted to quality journals and reputable publishers.

Bullet Points:

  • Protect your academic reputation

  • Distinguish predatory publishers from legitimate ones

  • Do not pay author fees to illegitimate journals

  • Avoid paying registration fees for bogus conferences


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Will know what predatory publishing is

  2. Will know the characteristics of predatory publishers

  3. Will know how to distinguish predatory publishers from legitimate ones

  4. Will know strategies for identifying predatory publishers

  5. Will know how to locate legitimate publishers for their research



Presenters: Brian Quinn

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Friday, October 19, 2018
2:00pm - 4:00pm
University Library
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Denise Caspell

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