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College of Ed.-Hamrick- Instruction - Tom Rohrig

Name:: Jennifer Hamrick

Course title and number: : College of Education Reference/Citation Management Software Tutorial
Department or College:: College of Education
Please select one (submit one form per each class):: Instruction - explore how to search the online resources and services of the library; normal time is between 45 and 80 minutes
What goals would you like to see achieved with this service?: Learning about the different Reference Management Systems students and faculty can use to organize and manage articles, data, and other research related materials. Management systems such as Zotero and EndNote will be discussed.
Estimated number of attendees:: 22
Academic status of attendees:: TTU Graduates
Requested date of session:: 07-24-2019 12:00 AM
Start Time: Please clarify am or pm.: 10 am
End Time: Please clarify am or pm.: 11 am
Comments:: I have discussed this with Dr. Hamrick. if the # of attendees grows beyond 20, we will move it to the COE.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019
10:00am - 11:00am
Dean's Conference Room 310H
University Library

Event Organizer

Tom Rohrig
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Denise Caspell

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