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HONS 4000 - Barnes - Instruction - Rob Weiner and Innocent Awasom

Name:: Matthew Barnes

Course title and number: : HONS 4000 Inquiry & Investigation – Life Sciences in the 21st Century
Department or College:: Honors, CASNR

Please select one (submit one form per each class):: Both
- will need at minimum 80 minutes
What goals would you like to see achieved with this service?: The overall course is designed to give incoming first-year students a broad introduction to research at a university setting. I am interested in providing the students with an introduction to library services, especially resources related to natural science (ecology, biology, molecular biology) research e.g. reference materials, electronic and print journal access, ILLIAD, other relevant resources (?)
Estimated number of attendees:: 14
Academic status of attendees:: TTU Undergraduates
Requested date of session:: 10/07/2019
Start Time: Please clarify am or pm.: 2:00pm
End Time: Please clarify am or pm.: 3:50pm

Monday, October 7, 2019
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Lab 150
University Library

Event Organizer

Rob Weiner
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Denise Caspell

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