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ENG 1302- Maeve Kirk - Instruction - Ian Barba

Maeve Kirk

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Advanced College Rhetoric (ENGL 1302-204)

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Instruction - explore how to search the online resources and services of the library; normal time is between 45 and 80 minutes

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These students are in a research writing class geared toward medical and health professions. Their upcoming assignment will be to find a peer-reviewed journal article in their field and write a critical review of that piece. Most have not conducted academic research before and are largely unfamiliar with library resources that can help them with this kind of assignment. It would be fantastic if they can gain a better understanding of how to use the library databases to find sources through this instructional session, gain a better understanding of what peer reviewed journal articles are/why they're important, and become more comfortable with using library resources.

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TTU Undergraduates

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02/20/2020   2/25/2020

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2:00 pm

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3:20 pm

If this day/time isn't available, I can try to find a different day in their schedule that would work for us to come in and learn about library resources!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020
2:00pm - 3:20pm
Lab 150
University Library

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